The Importance of Paying Attention with Bill Pugin

February 19, 2019

It may seem surprising that we’re interviewing an interpreter for the deaf about listening. However, this unexpected conversation takes paying-attention to a whole new level. Bill Pugin and his vast stable of talented interpreters are everywhere: Concerts and theatrical performances. Presidential campaigns. Courtrooms. Corporate Boardrooms. Film and television. Interpreting balances on a fine-tuned ability to pay attention: It’s really an improvisational art, where someone is an assigned conduit, repurposing meaning to create connection and communication among people. This ability to read the room and pick up on the nuances of communication are also vital in the hearing world: Imagine a world where we focused on each other instead of the distractions that keep us apart. Bill Pugin’s long career of listening and connecting make him an Unsung Leader.

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